Flautist Claire Chase center stage flanked by vocalist group Constellation Chor with audience members on the floor clapping.Claire Chase residency, 2019.  Photo:  Aram Boghosian


The ArtLab is an experimental workspace for artists, scholars and makers. In addition to supporting Harvard students and faculty, the ArtLab hosts a year-round artist residency program.


Interdisciplinary Arts Research

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Loeb / ArtLab Fellowship

The Loeb Fellowship at the Graduate School of Design and ArtLab are launching a joint fellowship. This three-year pilot partnership will begin with the Loeb Fellowship Class of 2022 cohort, during academic year 2021-2022.  The application for the 2021-2022 Fellowship year is available via Loeb / ArtLab Fellowship.

This three-year pilot partnership will begin with the Loeb Fellowship Class of 2022 cohort during the academic year 2021-2022. The Loeb Fellows include urban designers, artists, developers, journalists, civic leaders, architects, landscape architects, urban planners, policymakers, and community development leaders.
Loeb / ArtLab Fellow will be a mid-career artist who is influential in shaping the built and natural environment and whose work is advancing positive social outcomes in the US and around the world. The Loeb / ArtLab Fellows will spend one academic year at Harvard with studio-space at the ArtLab, housing with other Loeb fellows, and the opportunity to audit classes at the GSD and throughout the vast research network of Harvard and MIT. 

Please contact if you have questions.


student with a virtual reality headset

Artist In Residence