ArtLab Building

Photo: Iwan Baan

ArtLab: a laboratory for art and research

Located on Harvard's Allston campus, the ArtLab supports arts-based interdisciplinary research, production, and experimentation. The ArtLab is a laboratory for art, research, and technology and consists of a series of flexible studios.

The ArtLab offers technical support to Harvard students and faculty and supports interdisciplinary research and experimentation. The residency program gives visiting artists time and space to pursue their work and students an opportunity to engage with prominent artists. Artists in residence interact with the University's scholars from the humanities and sciences and critics and curators.  

The ArtLab facility is open to the public only during scheduled events or by appointment.


Artist with a book.

Live from ArtLab


  • ArtLab Building Interior

    Photo: Iwan Baan
  • Students walking through the ArtLab building.

    Photo: Iwan Baan
  • ArtLab building exterior

    Photo: Iwan Baan

ArtLab: the first six months. Produced by the Harvard Media Production Center