Young Joo Lee

Young Joo Lee


FAS College Fellow: Theatre, Dance & Media

Young Joo Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. She spent her adolescence in Germany and Korea. The difference in culture, language and the relationship between national and personal identity became the central interest during this period. Lee finds inspiration in her dreams, personal and political histories to create sculptures, drawings, and performative pieces. Her recent animation videos are a compilation of these mediums, which reflect the structure of a scroll in order to take the viewer on an imagined journey. Her work is a glimpse into how our environments are not only outside of us but how they truly alter our perception as a whole, informing our personal identities.

Young Joo Lee earned a BFA in Painting from Hongik Arts University, Korea, a Master’s degree in Film from Städelschule, Frankfurt Germany, and an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University. Lee has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Her recent solo exhibitions were at Ochi Projects in Los Angeles and at Alternative Space Loop in Seoul, Korea. 

She is the recipient of Incheon Art Platform International artist residency Award (2017), HP Blended Reality Grant (2016-17), Alice Kimball Traveling Fellowship, Fulbright Scholarship - Film & digital media (2015-17), Hessen Film Funding for animation (2013), and DAAD artist scholarship (2010-12).


While a FAS College Fellow at Harvard, working at the Annex, Young Joo conducted research on alternative narratives using virtual and physical media such as animation, performance, and virtual reality. One of her current projects, The Wall, is an interactive Virtual Reality art piece where participants can draw and write on the virtual US-Mexico border wall. This work deals with the history of immigration, and she intends to record the politics of the border wall by the active participation of the people.