Artlab building at Harvard.

Photo: Iwan Baan


works in progress


WORKS IN PROGRESS is a podcast produced by ArtLab at Harvard University. 
In this podcast, we speak with the contemporary artists working at ArtLab, and this podcast brings these artists and their ideas to you.

Season 1: Spring, 2022

Hosted by Bree Edwards, ArtLab Director, with Kristian Hardy, a student at Harvard College 

Ep 1: Jordan Weber, artist and John Peterson, Curator of Loeb Fellowship

Ep 2: Merritt Moore, ballerina, and physicist

Ep 3: Claire Chase, flutist, and Harvard professor, and Lisa E. Harris, opera singer, and composer

Ep 4: Ayodele Casel, Tap Dancer and Torya Beard, Director, and Educator 

Ep 5: Matt Saunders, artist, and Harvard professor; Jennifer Roberts, Art Historian, and Harvard Professor and Eric Zou, a student at Harvard College 


ArtLab In Process

An ongoing series of short videos of artists working at the ArtLab.